A compatibility problem with Adobe Audition® CS6 has been fixed
with Peakcomp 2.76 and TripleComp 1.51

Native x64 versions of PeakComp, GoldenGate, TripleComp and FreeverbToo are available now

TripleComp and MultiLens have been used on "Against"

MultiLens 3.0 features a 3D display, filter magnets and new presets.

Read a PeakCompressor review at K-v-R.

FreeverbToo 1.72 VST / 1.3 DX for PC (freeware) MultiLens 3.0 for PC (shareware) PeakCompressor 2.7 for PC (mono freeware / stereo shareware)

GoldenGate 2.4 for PC (shareware)
TripleComp 1.5 for PC (shareware)

Dynamic Range pleasurize music !

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