GoldenGate 2.4 VST x86 / x64 for PC (shareware)
- advanced stereo audio gate
- linear, logarithmic or soft release curve
- synchronized gating (up to 16 channels)
- soft gating
- 32 bit internal precision
- Sinus Wave Display Interface (SWDI)
- large displays for parameters and gate state
- easy handling
- full parameter automation
- trigger signal filter (high/mid/low)

new in version 2.45

- x64 platform compatibility
- D3D9 compatibility

new in version 2.41

- improved support for older graphics cards

new in version 2.4

- bigger wave display (SWDI)
- adjustable wave display speed
- look ahead processing up to 80 ms
- longer release times up to 1900 ms
- display bug under Windows Vista - fixed
- detail view displayed different time ranges at different sample rates - fixed
- for unrestricted usage a registration key is needed
GoldenGate has been tested with Cubase VST, Nuendo, WaveLab, VST Processor and Ableton Live.
The demo version provides full function, but every now and then pops up a message window to remind you that GoldenGate is shareware.
  Download the GoldenGate demo !
You can get your personal registration key at for 25 $ !
ShareIt provides 4 paying options and instant key delivery.
So registering GoldenGate 2.4 should be quick and easy.
If you prefer to pay via PayPal please contact me.
Thanks for your support !

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