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The forgotten Path


This little melody came to my mind while cycling through the lonesome woods of Brandenburg/Germany. The lovely cello part was performed by M. Opitz.

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1:50 min
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192 kbps


Ego mix

A synth jazz rock track with driving melody. Mastered with slightly more headroom than usual to preserve the snapiness of the snare sound. Recorded with Cubase 5.

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2:23 min
3.9 MB
224 kbps

On a silver plate

Arctic breath mix

This is a nice downtempo but still angry synth ballad in 12/8 time. It features one of my favourite virtual analogue synthesizers, the Roland JP-8000.

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4:29 min
7.3 MB
224 kbps

Into the sky

Devil's calling mix

Originaly recorded in 2000 I decided to spice up the funky part a bit and remastered it in 2007. The main theme sound is overdubbed and taken from the KORG Prophecy solo synthesizer.

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3:34 min
5.7 MB
224 kbps

Moonlight Sonata

Pure piano

My interpretation of Beethoven's Sonata No. 14 mvt. 1, one of the most beautiful piano pieces of all time. It is played on a YAMAHA CLP-240 piano.

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5:22 min
6.3 MB
160 kbps

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