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PeakCompressor I would like to know if PeakCompressor also provides DC removal. It seems to sound a bit more transparent in comparison with other compressors. With DC removal it would be perfect for me. Since the DC offset is mainly a problem at the mastering stage only TripleComp provides this function so far. The transparent sound you mentioned results rather from the short but precise regulation timings. These are calculated automatically and depend on the dynamic structure of the incoming audio signal.
We always work our radio commercials audio levels to -1 db max Is there any way I can adjust the presets so we can achieve this. Otherwise it takes a lot of time fiddling to try and set this exact level. There's a simple way to do this. Turn off "Auto normalize" and set the limiter threshold to the desired level. You can directly enter a numeric dB value. Then negate that value, subtract 1 dB and enter this value into the output level display. For instance:
Limiter: -7.0 dB
Output: 6.0 dB
When you say, "The limiter works completely independent from the compressor..." I take this to mean that the compressor does not drive the limiter, i.e. comp output>Limiter input.
Assuming the following settings: compressor threshold is -6dB, compressor ratio is 4:1, limiter threshold is -3dB, will peaks between -6dB and -3dB be subject to 4:1 compression while peaks above -3dB get limited at inf:1?
Well, the compressor and limiter units work in serial. So the compressor output feeds the limiter input. In your example incoming peaks are compressed between -6dB and 0dB and after that in case some still exceed -3dB they are limited to exactly -3dB. So you can safely set the output level to +3dB without clipping.
TripleComp Am I gaining anything by dithering a 24/48 file, then opening the resulting wave in my recording software and having it do the conversion from 24 to 16 bit? First of all you must know that dithering is a subtle thing and mainly useful for very dynamic types of music like jazz, classic or if you have long fades etc. Here can dithering slightly soften harsh sounding quiet sections. So if you mix Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop or something other with almost constant volume there's no need for dithering actually. If you apply dither you can do the format conversion from 24 to 16 bit afterwards, the dithering effect remains within the wave file. The white noise which is added is almost inaudible and sounds "natural" to the human ear. So I wouldn't necessarily call it a negative side effect.
I'd like to know which frequencies are filtered out by the DC removal filter. The cutoff frequency is 10 Hz. So all frequencies above that frequency remain untouched.
TripleComp sometimes crashes WaveLab 6 when used on mono files. Is there a bugfix available ? In WaveLab 5 everything was fine. Unfortunatly I can not find a bug or something related to this. Meanwhile I found a WaveLab version history, which says that the Wavelab 6.10 update fixes a problem concerning mono file usage.
GoldenGate GoldenGate v2.4 does not show the Wave file being scanned.. What appears in the Gate's window is.. "Direct 3D initialization failed!" In order to run GoldenGate 2.4 and later you need a graphics card which supports at least basic Direct3D features. If you use an old graphics adapter from around 2002 or earlier you should keep GoldenGate version 2.3.
What has changed between GoldenGate version 2.2 and 2.3 ? I am interested as Goldengate is my most used gating effect! The only change from 2.2 to 2.3 is the look ahead funtionality, that means that the gate is able to open even before the sound is actually happening.
FreeverbToo Thanks for a great free reverb. I downloaded FreeverbToo a while back and it is now the main reverb that I use! Are your planing on releasing any further ? updates/releases of FreeVerb? Well, at the moment I don't see the need for updates on FreeverbToo. But if you have a specific feature request feel free to ask.
General Will your plugins work on Mac OS 9, or Mac OS X? No, just on Windows PC, sorry.
I need to contol/change the Db level in the whole song or some parts of the song on some tracks. I also need to changes EQ and maybe compress it a little/mastering on some songs to. What kind of plugins do I need? If I want to record some demo songs, what do I need then? Well, recording & mixing can be a science in itself. If you want your songs to sound more even and powerful you could start by compressing it slightly. F.e. you can use my plugin TripleComp for that purpose. With TripleComp you can also tweek the highs, mids and lows a bit.
Registration How much do you charge for updates ? Nothing. For registered users all updates are free.
I am a registered user of Golden Gate. I have evidently missed several updates. I don't see any "PlugIn ID" on my version; perhaps this was introduced in a later version. How can I get a key for the new version ? Please download and install the new version on your computer and send me the "Plugin ID" from the info message box (see the plugins right click context menu). I will then give you a personal registration key which will be valid for all further GoldenGate updates.

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